Such a simple yet powerful way to start the year...... As a family, we decided to start 2014 with a little experiment.... and on New Years Day, we decided to each write a list of 20 things we wanted to 'BE', 'DO' and 'HAVE'. We had no rules and no limits, and the boys 'went to town' on their 'wish' list. We packed the lists away, and brought them out again for the start of this new year. We each began to tick off any items off the list that had been achieved, and the boys were delighted with how many items they were able to tick off!

Empowered by this, we started to think about 2015, and once again spent time thinking about what we might like on our lists of 'BE', 'DO' and 'HAVE'...... This time, we decided to shorten the list to 10, and with the knowledge that it was very satisfying to tick off items that had been achieved, the boys took a little longer and thought a little more about what those 10 items might be. This time, they also wanted their lists to be displayed in their bedrooms, so they could check their progress as the year progressed!

The lists are formed, they are up for anyone to see, and they are inspiring the boys to go for their individual goals...... I feel quite sure that they are beginning to grasp that anything is possible if you want it badly enough, and if you know what you need to 'BE' and 'DO' and in order to make it happen.

A simple lesson for us all, personally and in business...... Happy New Year!