We were delighted to present at the Annual Osteopathy Conference recently. Thank you @InstOsteopathy - it was great to see you sharing business ideas and strengths.

We used the Clareon Business Model Canvas as a tool to guide and simplify thinking about business processes and to create a common language between us. We also used it to explore why Osteopaths believe that they do what they do.

It's exciting to see the potential growth of that can be generated through focus upon the things that matter. One example of this is the discussions that we had around communication of the value that the Osteopath’s business offers; communication between both the business and its clients and between the business leaders and their teams.

There is great benefit to be had from Osteopath businesses working together, talking about their experiences and developing their business expertise as part of the regular working week. We look forward to hearing from those who have taken up our challenge and who are enjoying sharing their perspectives and understanding.