How easy do you make it for people to say "Thank you!" to you, your business or your staff?

I ask because I've just had a great customer experience, but the company in question haven't made it easy for me to say thank you publicly. This is a lost opportunity - let me explain...

I discovered today that our home heating oil store (on which we depend for heating and hot water) was perilously close to running empty. Given that it is currently 1˚C outside and some forecasters are predicting a chilly winter, this is not good. I also expected a long wait time, as winter is one of the busiest times of year for domestic oil suppliers. So there I was, wondering how best to tell my wife and kids to "Wrap up warm because Christmas is going to be a cold one!"

So I made the call - to Sweet Fuels in Faringdon - in some trepidation.

What I expected was "Sorry, we have a 3 weeks lead time for deliveries".

What I got was "Hi Mr Kingston - great news! The price is a lot cheaper than what you paid last time, and we can deliver tomorrow if that's ok!" OK?! It's bloomin' marvellous! Christmas is saved!

The only problem was how best to share my gratitude. If they had a Twitter account, I'd have tweeted my delight in 140 characters. If they'd had a Customer Review service like for example, I'd have left a glowing review. But they don't, so I decided to write this post instead. I could have sent an email, but somehow, writing to 'enquiries@...' didn't seem quite right.

I think making it easy for happy customers to share their joy publicly (by which I mean sharing in a way that others can see) is really important for 3 reasons:

  1. A publicly happy customer is a powerful advert for your business. It's much more credible when others say nice things about you than when you say nice things about yourself.
  2. A shared thank you is a great motivator for your staff team. If you don't make it easy for people to say thanks, you make it harder for your team know when they they are doing a great job.
  3. Saying thank you builds the relationship between your customer and your business. There is something about the simple act of writing a thank you note that strengthens the loyalty and trust between you.

So there you have it. Thank you for reading - and if you need domestic heating oil, I'd recommend you give Sweet Fuels of Farringdon, Oxfordshire a call...