When was the last time you gave an airline safety video or demo your full and undivided attention?


It's been a long time hasn't it? And for good reason - its a message we've all heard before. Many times. So we're bored and easily distracted by the i/phone/pod/pad in front of us. At times like this, even the Highlife magazine radiates a tempting glow.

So how do the airlines usually respond? They beg for our attention or use an animated safety movie instead. But they don't get to the root cause: we're too bored (or in the case of my 5 year old, way too excited) to take in a safety briefing.

Unless of course you are Air New Zealand.

They set themselves an audacious goal - to create the "most epic safety video ever made". As you'll see from the movie below, they did this in uniquely Middle Earth style.

The result? I just watched a whole airline safety briefing and I'm not even on an aircraft.

P.S. A SouthWest Airlines attendant recently showed that you don't need a big budget to command attention. Sometimes, you just need to change the script: http://youtu.be/07LFBydGjaM