We ran our second Hack and Slice golf networking event at Witney Lakes Resort last night. It was a great night - here's 3 reasons why (and why you should consider coming next time!)

First, we had a great coach. Resident PGA Pro Deana Rushworth did a grand job helping us improve our swings. Whether nearly pro or total beginner, I think we all saw noticeable improvement in our hour on the driving range.

Second, it was really easy to get to know some new people. There were 14 of us on the night, all local business owners and leaders. We had 2 architects, a financial planner, a lawyer, an HR consultant, an estate land manager and a farmer in addition to the Clareon team and Deana our golf coach. We were put in pairs on the range - a great way to meet someone new and have fun whilst learning a new skill/improving an old one.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we had a great meal together at Witney Lakes excellent restaurant. At Clareon, one of our core values is "when we meet, we eat!". Last night was know exception. The steaks were delicious and the chicken and bacon pies were 'epic'.

We'll confirm the date for November's Hack and Slice evening soon. We hope to see you there!