I've had several conversations with SME owners recently about business networking. The conclusion seems to be that much of today's organised business networking for SME owners/leaders is broken.

The complaints I've heard include frustrations about the time (pre 7am breakfasts!?), the format (from mechanically rigid to very laid back) and the fact that at most of these things, everyone is selling and nobody is buying.

However, we also know that great business is done when smart people get to meet in a safe (trust filled) environment and explore opportunities with each other.

That's why we've started up 'Hack and Slice' - a new monthly golf and dinner event designed to make it easy for business owners in and around the Witney area to hang out, have fun and do business.

The link below is our write up of our first Hack and Slice event in September - so have a read, and if you would like to come along in the future, please get in touch.